The core of our platform – a central point where developers can model architectures in various frameworks such as ROS and AUTOSAR by drag-and-drop, (de)compose software modules and services into complex applications, or build, integrate and exchange their own algorithms using our built-in code editing capabilities or third-party IDE integrations.

NISAR.DEVELOP simplifies development with intelligent design tools and advisors that follow the latest FUSA/SOTIF and CS/OTA regulations and standards.

Transparency and traceability are key and a prerequisite for certification of complex electronic systems such as ADAS and ADS. Utilize automated specification and documentation capabilities in addition to the support of requirements, module tests, meta-data aggregation and more – a revolution in the transition from pre-development to series development.

In combination with NISAR.RUN, you can re-simulate your solution with recorded data or connect it to state-of-the-art simulators. This allows for more realistic results due to a harmonized runtime behavior between different target platforms – no bad surprised anymore!

Core functionalities

  • Design SW architectures and composite modules, data and services into applications
  • Design SW applications and automatically generate stub modules and specifications to be distributed to developers or suppliers
  • Support for different frameworks like AUTOSAR and ROS
  • Re-Simulate your applications on the local machine or in the cloud with recorded data
    with an equivalent runtime behavior as on the target ECU
  • Simulate your applications by integrating state-of-the-art vehicle simulators
  • Access, manage and replay recorded data
  • Pull/Push Modules, Data and Services between your local and cloud repositories


  • Import architecture from common formats
  • Visual studio integration
  • Pre-Development to Series Development support
  • “Slice architecture”: Pre-development to series development
  • Parse code to architecture (functions to components)
  • AUTOSAR import & export
  • ROS import & export
  • Graphical highlighting for meta data, test status, ASIL, …
  • Full traceability between requirements, module tests and software modules
  • Guided requirement breakdown following the architecture
  • Attach simulators such as CARLA
  • (Re-)Simulation of the modular architecture using DDS
  • Export architecture diagrams to PPT, PDF and other common formats

Useable as stand-alone tools or integrated in the NISAR platform