Transformation is a natural process of dynamic adaptation

Source: with Nisar Autonomy GmbH develops a technical, data-driven platform to increase efficiency in the development of intelligent, (partially) autonomous software systems. With its extensive expertise, the start-up from Garching near Munich specializes in the fields of automotive, robotics, communication, cloud computing and functional safety. Nisar Autonomy GmbH has also recently become a …


Track and monitor your remote ECU, sensor or vehicle status and live performance data over the air wherever they are or calibrate and control parameters on the fly. This drastically reduces effort and time for: developers who do not have to wait for the return of their test vehicles to access data remote verifying and …


No automotive SW development without using real-world vehicle data. NISAR.STREAM connects developers to their vehicles – over the air. Data from the vehicle can be stored for later re-simulation locally or in the cloud. Key Features Manage your data repositories and data streams Stream vehicle data life into your software modules and services Stream data …


To finally get your SW solution into your target ECU, sensor or complete vehicle, NISAR.DEPLOY comes to the rescue. Flash your vehicle ECUs over the air and keep track of your deployment pipelines and software versions and variants. Connect vehicles directly to your software development and change management system and receive updates of modules and …


The flexible runtime environment combines RTE and middleware and by applying container technology this can be run anywhere: on your PC in the office, in the cloud, in the car or even on your Raspberry PI. On a target ECU it can also run native without the container inside an already present OS like AUTOSAR …


The core of our platform – a central point where developers can model architectures in various frameworks such as ROS and AUTOSAR by drag-and-drop, (de)compose software modules and services into complex applications, or build, integrate and exchange their own algorithms using our built-in code editing capabilities or third-party IDE integrations. NISAR.DEVELOP simplifies development with intelligent …


The light-weight runtime environment
Deterministic and elastic


The next-generation vehicular OS
Openness and Coherence


The DevOps Toolchain
Effcient and Convenient