NISAR, as a visionary start-up, we have oversea teams both in Germany and China. We committed to offer our customers the end-to-end solution to response challenges of the next generation vehicle.

We have assembled an awesome team to tackle the challenge to provide the mobility industry with the safe and certified software. Our people are the most precious assets. We encourage collaboration, openness, and the sprit of innovation . We look forward to having you join us.

  • real-time and elastic framework for domain control ecus
  • boosts complicate functions development, integration and deployment
  • software and hardware fully decoupling, no more chipset vendor lock-in
  • provides world leading tool chain, breaking technology blockades

Our Locations

Meet The Team

We are a diverse team with backgrounds in automotive, robotics, communication, cloud computing, and functional safety.

Our commitment to advanced technology and enthusiasm for innovative products has brought us together to develop what we believe will be the epicenter of the future of mobility.