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Tool Suite Features  Function Description
Architect Design Studio

(Deploy on the server or cloud according to customers’ demand)
Software Development 1 Graphical software module/software system architecture design Design architecture diagrams by using drag-and-drop functionality to facilitate the modular editing of complex systems. Ensure the alignment of input and output interfaces and  functional descriptions
2 Automated generation of template code for software modules Automatically generate template code for software modules based on the designed architecture diagram.
3 Automated generation of software system framework for autonomous driving/assisted driving Automatically generate design templates for software system architectures, providing developers with a solid starting point to build state-of-the-art software architectures from scratch. 
4 Software and algorithm parameter tuning and parameter version management Visualize debugging of launch parameters and algorithm parameters , apply version management on parameter sets to make them easier to be comparied and shared
5 Integrated Data Replay and Simulation system Integrated into the Architecture design studio is a middleware toi directly execute designed modulare software systems to directly see results of the desing (changes)
6 Data and status monitoring during runtime for individual modules Monitor communication and operation status of individual modules during system operation
Software Engineering 7 Project Management Data Center Integration of architecture design and requirements management tools (such as Polarion), project management tools (such as JIRA), and CI/CD tools (like Jenkins) enables efficient project progress
8 Automated specification and documentation Automatically generate software module specification documents based on architecture design.
9 Automated requirements document generation Automatically generate requirement documents for the development of individual module components based on architecture design.
10 Automated test report generation Automated generate test report for software modules.
11 Automated generation of test cases Automatically generate test cases based on the functional description and source code 
12 Software and algorithm parameter tuning and parameter version management Visualize debugging of launch parameters and algorithm parameters , apply version management on parameter sets to make them easier to be comparied and shared
13 Integrated software repository and version management for software modules / components  The developed functional modules will be version-controlled to support reusability in new projects and enable one-click launch
Proto typing 14 Conversion of ROS applications to other middleware  Semi-automated migration of modular implemented in ROS to automotive grade middlewares to enable rapid prototyping combined with reduced effort for transfer into series system
15 Integration of Autoware components  
AI Acc 16 Localization and industrialization service for deep learning model on in-vehicle AI or Graphic Accelerators Deep learning models integrate on a variety of in-vehicle accelerator chips
17 Software functional safety testing and consulting services Test solutions meet ASIL criteria
18 Software White-box testing services Code coverage, MISRA test
19 Black-box testing services Smoke test/Integration test
20 FUSA SOTIF iterative test/verification solutions Provide FUSA and SOTIF related consulting services and test/validation tools 
Store 21 Software module exchange or sharing by cloud-based store sytsem Imaginbe an amazon marketplace, just for software modules
Development Connectivity Box   22 Remote monitoring and control of ECUs, machinery and other devices Remotely connect to devices which are not inherently cloud-enabled. Retrive status information, control functions and stream data.
  23 Remote debugging and dignosis of ECUs or other devices Debugging over the air, supporting ROS, XCP, lauterbach and other debugging tools and protocols
  24 OTA deployment / SW updates for R&D test fleets Support remote software upgrade and deployment by one-click
  25 Data logging with intelligent triggers for special scenarios Temporarily store data in a ring buffer and upon configurable trigger events these data is recorded. By this also the history before special events occured can be recorded
  26 Data and error injection and tempering Inject errors or deviating sensor information into the test vehicle system. I.e. remove the pedestrain detected by the radar to verify that the camera alone would accomplish braking
  27 Fleet monitoring Supervise complete vehicle fleets by streaming the vehicles’ OBD interface
  28 Flexible flashing device for production line Smart flexible flashing device for production line, also batch-flashing of multiple devices at the same time
  29 Sensor fusion MMW radar and visual fusion 5R1V, 3R1V
  30 Surround-view   
  31 Parking spot identification Parking spot/parking lane identification
  32 Indoor Service Robot Control  
  33 Ourdoor Mobile Robot Control