Networking and Collaboration: NISAR@Venture.Bar

We were delighted to participate in the Venture.Bar event organized by bayme vbm, which was held at NachtKantine in Munich on International Women’s Day. The event’s theme, “Die Zukunft begeistert” (the future inspires), aimed to provide a platform for successful female entrepreneurs to share their experiences in the startup ecosystem and engage in roundtable discussions on various topics related to future technologies and collaboration. The event also provided an excellent opportunity for established and emerging companies to network and explore potential business collaborations.

During the event, we had the pleasure of networking with other entrepreneurs and discussing possible collaborations. We were proud to host the AUTOMATION.SPACE roundtable on automation and applied AI. Participants shared their ideas on how artificial intelligence can be used to address hydrogen safety during the building design stage, and how AI can improve software engineering in areas such as cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, and robotics.

Better Together – AUTOMATION.SPACE roundtable hosts together with Josef Stakemeier (initiator of AUTOMATION.SPACE and FEM.SPACE) and Michael Lippenberger from bayme vbm who made this event possible

We also found it inspiring to hear from other successful entrepreneurs about their journeys from startup to a thriving business. The range of topics discussed, from additive manufacturing to cybersecurity and digital transformation, was impressive.

The Venture.Bar event was a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our network and connect with other entrepreneurs. We hope that this will become a regular event in the future. If you missed the event, please visit AUTOMATION.SPACE and Venture.Bar to learn more about it.