Nisar @BusinessExcellenceDay organized by bayme vbm

We had the privilege of attending Business Excellence Day 2023 for Agile Knowledge Management, organized by bayme vbm. During this event, we had the opportunity to witness some inspiring presentations that focused on Agile knowledge management in the times of AI and Cybersecurity.

As invitees, we had the honor of presenting and sharing knowledge with the community members. Dr. Michael Göller, the Managing Director of Nisar, shared insights on how businesses can harness AI’s full potential through various real-world examples. We hope that our presentation roused some interest for the topic of AI in small and medium companies. And for those who already have been interested we maybe have been able to bring one or two new ideas.

Dr. Michael Göller (MD, Nisar) presenting to bayme vbm community on topic ‘Mit künstlicher Intelligenz Innovationen generieren’.

Following the presentations, we engaged in insightful conversations with other participants. It was a pleasure to connect with like-minded individuals, and we look forward to intriguing follow-up discussions in the future.

Dr. Michael Göller (MD, Nisar) introducing Nisar during the presentation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to bayme vbm, Matthias Werner (Geschäftsführer und Leiter Regionen und Services bayme vbm) and Michael Lippenberger for organizing such an exceptional event. Their efforts in bringing together industry experts and enthusiasts are commendable. Moreover, we are grateful for the opportunity to present at this esteemed gathering.

Please find a rough transcript of the presented materials here (sorry, in German).

Thank you for having us! 😊