NISAR@IAA Mobility

We from NISAR have showcased our Cross-Domain Developer Platform XDP spanning from architecture design via code generation and simulation to connectivity at the IAA MOBILITY last week. We had a lot of highly interesting discussions with our partners and (potential) customers directly at out booth. We gained several new insights and ideas how we can further extend our tool suite from that. Thank you very much!

Our automotive industry needs it’s own roadmap to build an independent AI strategy: avoiding vendor lock-in effects in different regional markets, but also fast following the newest technology trends beside keeping the market share.

The development efficiency is not only boosted by the transition to agile processes, but also requests for the transition from (often fragmented) toolchains to complete tool platforms.

Intensive discussions at our booth

It was also interesting to witness how the global automotive landscape is changing dramatically, especially China transforms from the leading market to becoming one of the technology leading nations. Beside the electrification we have to face the next challenge by AI application in the automotive industry. Our observation there is L2+ automation will be a standard software component in almost all Chinese BEV from the 30-50k class.

Being founded in parallel in Germany and China, we at NISAR hope we can effectively offer bridges between Germany and China for the benefit of all.